Frida T. Solhaug

IT consultant / HR Manager

Frida is an IT consultant specializing in front-end development and interaction design. She has experience with information systems, human-machine interaction and artificial intelligence. She has experience as a full-time developer within front-end development and IAM. She is a social person who navigates the work environment well and builds close relationships with customers.

She has a bachelor's degree in programming and interaction design from the University of Bergen and has certifications in project management (agile/standard).


Medtekpartner, 2022

Academic Work, 2022

Fremtid Forsikring, 2019


Organizational psychology, leadership and HR , BI, 2021-

BSc. Information technology, UiB, 2019


Courses and certifications

Agile Project Management

Project Management


Professional competences

  • HR

  • IAM

  • JavaScript 

  • TypeScript  

  • React  

  • React testing library  

  • .NET 

  • CSS  

  • HTML  

  • Sass  

  • Npm  

  • Docker 

  • Jenkins  

  • OpenShift  

  • Git 

  • Mixpanel 

  • UX

Social Media